BUSTED Q&A: Mafalda Gomes

By Rebekah Vlassis

BUSTED Q&A: Mafalda Gomes


1. If you could only use ONE makeup item to get ready what would it be? 
Wow! We're starting with a really hard question! I think I'd go for liquid liner because I love the cat-eye look and I've been wearing it since I was fourteen! I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to survive without concealer though.
2. How do you deal with the haters?
People will always want to throw in their two cents about everything and usually, they hate on you because they're the ones who don't feel comfortable enough on their own skin. I pity them but I always call rude people out! I don't like to be disrespected. 
3. What animal do you feel a kinship with and why?
Cats. I love cuddles and snuggles but I can be quiet moody.
4. What has been your biggest challenge right now?
I'm currently twenty four and I have no idea of how to adult. It's really frustrating to make it all work perfectly: work, friends, boyfriend, family, shop for nice things but also save money and the worst...schedule your own doctor appointments.
5. What is your weirdest food combination?
White chocolate and Cheetos. Trust me, it's AMAZING.
6. What is your go-to "Feel Sexy" item? 
A skinny black dress.
7. Where does this inner confidence come from and how do we get it?
I dealt with extreme low self esteem as a teenager mainly because of my weight. My family did what they thought it was best for me and always forced the idea that I had to slim down and go on a diet. I went to several doctors and did all the crazy diets you can imagine. Even when I slimmed down I'd feel really bad about myself so I figured out that I had to make up with my body and learn to love myself. Losing weight wasn't helping.
I started to look up to plus size models and search for body positive posts on Tumblr and Instagram. Realizing that these women looked just like me and that I found them beautiful was the turning point for me. Then, I know it sounds silly, but taking full body pictures (mainly in underwear), was very helpful. Staring at those pics or myself in the mirror didn't hurt as much as before and I became more confident!
I also worked at a Portuguese bra store as a bra fitter and dealing with women every day made me realize that we all try to live up to impossible beauty standards. Assuring that they were amazing the way they were was also very healing for me. 
8. Plus size clothing tends to cover a curvy figure instead of flatter. What are your thoughts on this? 
It really bugs me! Another thing that helped me become more confident was starting to shop for plus size clothes instead of trying to fit in smaller sizes. I love the feeling of being able to buy everything in my size but sometimes I'm looking for a more tight piece or a big cleavage and not all brands cater to that need.
If brands are aware that bigger women look out for clothes in their size, they should know that we don't particularly enjoy looking like a potato sac. I hope they start working on more flattering designs.
9. Who do you find are more intimidated by you: men or women? 
I'd have to say men. I don't lose sleep over it, to be honest. Men still assume that every women needs their validation to feel good, so it's very confusing to them to meet a confident girl that discards their thoughts and opinions about her looks.
10. What is your key to feeling sexy in lingerie and not silly?
Get a proper fitting and wear pieces that make you feel comfortable yet sexy! I'm not a big fan of thongs, per example, but I'm sucker for lace panties. They make me feel really good!
Get out of your comfort zone! Chose a dark blue bra over a black one and ditch the whites and nudes for tender pastels. 


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