It's Not That I Don't Want To Run It's Just That My Boobs Don't

By Rebekah Vlassis

It's Not That I Don't Want To Run It's Just That My Boobs Don't

Were you that girl in high school forging doctor's notes to get out of running the mile in P.E.? If something had the possibility of making me sweat at school I was out. I mean, there were boys at school. I thankfully didn't get my boobs until my twenties - I don't think my barely-there self-esteem could have handled that. I was the girl in grade school who may or may not have cried when she incorrectly answered the teacher's question; In my defense, it was Kindergarten.
The last time I tried to run my boobs quit on me.
The week before I found out I was pregnant I had to stop my daily afternoon 5k's due to an unprecedented boob soreness and sensitivity. I wasn't experience morning sickness, tiredness or fatigue - just good ol' boob sensitivity. This was frustrating, at best. The soreness eased up and I was able to jog frequently during my second trimester. But by my third trimester there was no fat way in heck I was running. I was however walking for an average of thirty minutes daily. 
The three months after delivery I was basically held prisoner by my nursing babe and my nursing boobs. I had gone from a 34DD to a 38F. My husband and I had now on occasion began referring to them as the "Natural Low-hangers" because I read somewhere among the ridiculous amount of baby books that bras with underwire block milkflow - fast-forward two months and the mere presence of underwire was offensive to me. Why we were talking about my boobs so often that they earned a nickname was beside me. Now my little girl is seven months old and nursing has to settled down enough to fool me into thinking I could rejoin the wonderful world of running.

When I say my boobs quit on me I'm referring to the unfortunate act of them bouncing out of my bra, forcing me to walk-of-shame-and-defeat myself home. When I say I love my VS bra I mean it in the Golom-est sort of way. The VS is almost always in the dirty clothes because I make a point to exercise four times a week and like crime, laundry doesn't take a day off. It also wasn't in my best interest to become a homemaker for a man who works construction, plays hockey and builds furniture when he's feeling like "being lazy". When the VS bra is ultra dirty, like 3-5-days-of-sweat dirty, I double-up with two subpar bras which clearly is not doing it. Refer to "bouncing out".

So today I opted to wear my 2-day-dirty VS bra. In the wake of Halloween let's say we're about 1/3 of the way into a psycho serial killer flick. I head out the door close to 10pm because that's what you do when you're a hot chick with big boobs and there's a crazed serial killer on the loose. Ten minutes out and the streetlight above me explodes - CRASH - What was that?! - SCREECH - An owl dives down and howls inches above my head before disappearing back into the darkness.

RUNNN! I'm running Forest-Gump-breaking-out-of-his-braces fast.

Suddenly I can hear footsteps behind me. Following me. Chasing me. They are getting louder...and louder. I am too frozen to turn back and see what it is. run. Run. RUN. The footsteps are coming faster. And louder. Louder. AND LOUDER!
Aaaand....the zipper on my bra breaks.

Funeral to immediately follow. She was a good bra.

To blame my boobs for this would be a misstep. I love my boobs. I love how God has made me. His plan for me is always the best. And if having nursing boobs which are full of milk to feed my beautiful baby girl is part of that plan then I'm so down.

So maybe running 3-5 miles everyday like I am used to doesn't fit into life right now and for me, that's okay. Life is constantly changing and that is beautiful because it also means the bad days will go away. The never-quit part of my brain is now learning to be flexible and roll with it - of course a crying, pooping baby with no regard to social queues helps. This is not an excuse for exercise: this is an excuse to love your life where it is. I am not content in any sense of the word; since I had my baby nearly 7 months ago, I have started two businesses and I am in the process of launching one more. What I am learning however is to love the process.

This life is such a joy. I am so in heaven with my man and our baby girl and I am not going to waste any more time not enjoying this time.

There is no one perfect answer for How To Have Your Best Life. But there is beauty in finding what works for you and just doing that. You can almost instantly see the fruit that comes from that; fruit like peace, joy, rest and love. A happy mom makes a happy home with happy babes.

I'm just a new mom trying to find balance in a new life.

#bodyacceptance #lovingmybody #lovingmylifeAsItIs


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