It's Time For A Good Fit

The Rebekah Vlassis Company is a full bust contemporary womenswear brand based in Central Coast, California. Our co-owner and fellow full bust-er, Rebekah Vlassis spent her entire adult life frustrated and settling for shirts that fit either her bust or her waist, never both. Becoming an expectant mom and then a nursing mom, it quickly became impossible to find shirts that fit her ever-growing boobs so she began making shirts that actually fit. #thestruggleisreal

It didn't take long before realizing she was not the only full bust woman and co-founded Rebekah Vlassis Co.  Rebekah Vlassis has spent the past two years perfecting the brand's unique fit for bra cup sizes C through G.

As a socially-conscious brand, Rebekah Vlassis Co. is a dedicated partner to supporting US manufacturing.

Here at #teamRV, our goal is to provide handcrafted clothes that accentuate your curves instead of hide them. We want to help you embrace that beautifully busty body by making you look and feel gorgeous.

Our brand is based on one simple truth: making clothes that actually fit. We have added a few inches where it counts most. Say goodbye to the days of settling for a shirt that fits your waist and not your bust. We got you covered.